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  1. sparkle

    Where should I go

    Any suggestions on holidays for end of october. Me and hubby are looking to go somewhere and having a break from our beloved tunisia, i had a few ideas maybe cyprus, turky or grrek islands. any one been anywhere nice they can recommend and bare in mind its october :confused::confused::D
  2. sparkle

    Houria Palace Hotel, Port el Kantaoui

    anyone stayed there :D
  3. sparkle

    Sinbad Centre/Hotel

    Just curious any one stayed here cannot beleive the prices they are giving it away must be a reason for it Looked at pictures but it looks ok :eek:
  4. sparkle

    sousse hotels

    has anyone stayed in any posher hotels in sousse i dont want to stay in the normal ones, i never see anything special in the magazines or websites. for my weddign trip in july just wanted to make it special
  5. sparkle

    Port El Kantaoui - Restaurant Le Mediterranee

    I would just like say that this is not just THE BEST restaurant in Tunisia but one of the best I have been to full stop. Amazing fish and the best fillet steak I ever had. Amazing views of the marina :D:D:D 10/10
  6. sparkle


    any one been to the new indian restaurant in sousse!! is it any good?
  7. sparkle

    Hotels in Sousse and PEK

    Well having been a rep in Tunisia I have lived in a few hotels and thought my reviews might be found helpful by some: Tour Khalef: This is my favourite hotel out of the two resorts. It isn't wheelchair friendly at all so take this into account. This hotel in the summer is great for children...