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  1. Mak

    Claudia Cardinale.

    Claudia Cardinale. Claudia Cardinale was born April 15, 1939 in Tunis, Tunisia to Sicilian parents. Her planned career as a teacher came to an abrupt halt when, in 1957, she won 'The Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia' contest. She still laughs at that title as, at the time, she could...
  2. Mak

    Mahmoud Messadi Man of letters

    Mahmoud Messadi Disappearance of Mahmoud Messadi Man of letters Tunisian, Born in 1911, aggregate of Arabic, editor of review Al-Mabahith (1944-1947), secretary-general of the general Union of the Tunisian workers (1948-1953), Minister for the national education (1958), Mahmoud Messadi then...
  3. Mak

    Rent a car?!

    Hi Everybody, Is there away to rent a cheap car in Tunisia? is it better to book a can for rent from here to do it in Tunisia ? what's cheaper?? Any information will be appreciated. Rgds Makerm
  4. Mak

    Tej Marhaba Hotel, Sousse

    Hi Everybody, If you have any plan to go to Sousse ... i would like to recommend you to stay in Tej Marhaba in Sousse .. it's the most beautiful hotel i never saw before :) it's just a 4 stars hotel .. but it's complet .. it has everything .. the service overthere is perfect ... the rooms...
  5. Mak

    Up and coming events/festivals.

    Hi everybody, Soon the spring will start the sun will shine more and the life will be happier in Tunisia ... it's time to pick flowers and to enjoy walking in the country ... but also a lot of festivals will have place all over Tunisia ... and i do believe the most known and big festival...
  6. Mak

    Tunisia music

    Hi Again, Tunisia is located in the middel of the Arabic world, so we were influence by the Arts coming from the middel East ( especially Lebanon and Egypt ) and the new kind of Art born in north Africa (especially in Algeria and Moroco : RAY) ... But still Tunisia has its own folklore...
  7. Mak

    Land of History and meeting of civilizations

    Hi there, The History of Tunisia is too lang that i can spend months and may be years to tell you all about it ... and i think that i don't know it all :) but anyway here's a quick recap to the History of tunisia to see how many civilisations were in Tunisia : *Prehistory : We...
  8. Mak

    I want to learn Tunisian/Arabic!

    Hi there, I do believe that the tunisian people is well cultivated ... the mother tangue in Tunisia is Arabic ( in fact it's more like a dialect for tunisian people ... amix of Arabic with a lot of other languages especially : French, Italian, English, Turkich, German ....) besides Arabic...