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  1. marhaba

    Raising money for ALL marhabo resort workers

    hi everyone, me and some of my friends with connections to Tunisia has set up a page for donations. The money raised will be then split and sent accordingly to Tunisia for the Tunisians who was employed by marhabo resorts. I am in touch with managements of a few of the marhaba hotels. As your...
  2. marhaba

    Hotel Jinene and the Marhaba royal salem.

    Hey everyone, so i have taken a gamble for my 17 days stay in tunisia in 3 weeks time, Ive booke 2 hotels which ive never stayed at before and was wondering some things. What are they both like for all inclusive? Whats the entertainment like for end od april early may time? Ive read on trip...
  3. marhaba

    Hotels for non married couples.

    Hello everyone, asking a question on behalf of a friend of mine. She asked me which hotel accepts couples that are not asking for a marriage certificates. As I haven't actually stayed in a hotel with my hubby in over 3 years now. I mean we used to stay in the kaiser, royal beach, tej marhaba...
  4. marhaba

    EEA visa.. EU free movement- The Journey home on a free visa

    There has been many people asking what is the "EEA visa.. EU free movement (Surrinder Singh)?", how it works, and what to do in regards to this. So i am creating a thread so that those who wish to descover more information can come here and ask. I have completed the SS route with my Tunisian...
  5. marhaba


    Does anyone know anything about the Iberostar Tabarka beach :) has anyone stayed there? does anyone know anyone that works there? Sorry riadh maybe working there!!! MEN!!!!
  6. marhaba

    Hotels in april

    my family are coming to tunisia with me for my 18th bday to tunisia, but was wondering can we book an extra room with me and riadh in. like can riadh stay in sahara beach does anyone know? like we wud need 3 rooms, my mam step dad n mams bf and my lil sis and riadh can stay together for 2...
  7. marhaba

    How much?

    How Much would you take to tunisia for 6 weeks?? I dont need to buy drink or food. Only for like one week when im in sousse in a hotel cos me and riadh only b&b. Im stuck on how much to take :S thankyouuuu x x
  8. marhaba

    These Hotels.

    Has anyone stayed in these hotels.? If yes what did u think of them? What did you think of the animation/Staff/waitors? Hotel Tour Khalef Hotel Marhaba Hotel Marhaba beach Hotel Marhaba Club Hotel Sahara beach. Thanks