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  1. sparkle

    Chit Chat about anything..

    Hello all. Was just thinking about the boards and that i hadnt dropped by and said hello for a long time. Life is really good for me at the moment. I have a wonderful new man in my life and a new job. I really am happy it took some time and some doing but I am there. I have learnt a lot...
  2. sparkle

    Chit Chat about anything..

    helloooooooo its been so long... jusrt wanted to stop bye and say hello to old friends..... much love and hugs Sparkle
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    Cheap calls to Tunisian mobiles????

    oh how upsetting. xxxxxxxxxx hugs
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    Riu Bellevue Park Hotel, Port el Kantaoui

    lovely hotel, my friend was a rep in there - great food and lovely beach down that end and not far for a short cab ride to the marina or its a nice walk along the beach, marina is lovely for an evening meal and a sit outside if you fancy a change from the hotel. have fun and give us an update...
  5. sparkle

    Getting Married In tunisia

    wishing you a long life filled with happiness together x
  6. sparkle

    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    Glad hubby is settling in
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    Also didnt someones paperwork get lost when they sent it over, Imagine that, all that hard work and then it gets lost and you have to start all over and apply again arghhhh
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    Ollie - that is the route we took, just thought whats the point in makin gthe appointment and then stressing about not having everything, you dont have to attend with them but I did.
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    The Schengen Visa has made traveling between its 15 European member countries much easier and less bureaucratic. Traveling on a Schengen Visa means that the visa holder can travel to any (or all) member countries using one single visa, thus avoiding the hassle and expense of obtaining individual...
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    Best to go on the embassy website for the country you are visiting and have a quick check but you should be ok doing it this way x
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    You need a Schengan Visa and you can travel anywhere in Europe with that. My hubby got his from the french embassy and we went to gran canaria on it. Its easier to get from the french embassy so hubby reckons but I dont knw how true that is?
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    I would say yes but still its so hard to judge these days they seem to be getting much tighter with rules and proving you are a geniuine couple, you only have to read the posts on here to gather that, the embassy are getting a lot tougher. There is also a new english language test he will have...
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    Just also wanted to make you aware that I married in the UK and its a very expensive way to do it all. Once you receive the visa you only get a few months in which to have your wedding and then once you have had the wedding you have to apply all over again and PAY once again the fee of 1098 for...
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    Hi there 1. You have to make the appointment on line and there is not a way to wiggle this at all. 2. Its not often visitor visas are granted I have only heard of a very few on here being accepted. 3. Each visa case is individual so it is hard to say how long yours will take and if it...
  16. sparkle

    marrying in tunisia

    congratulations on your wedding, hope your plans come together for you, Im sure lots of members can advise.
  17. sparkle

    Joke Of The Day

    ha ha really enjoyed these x
  18. sparkle

    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    let us know kaylee which airport it is, be interesting to see they shouldnt say monastir if its not
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    Need to message a moderator

    people that gossip have sad and uninteresting lives, find some comfort in that
  20. sparkle

    lollllllllllll as if i would leave you out my dear :)

    lollllllllllll as if i would leave you out my dear :)