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  1. Chelio

    Why you married a tunisian man ???

    What is TLR forum?
  2. Chelio

    Why you married a tunisian man ???

    You know I am in love with a Tunisian man who is young enough to be my son or even grandson. I never met him in person but our relationship has been strong for 2 years online. Yes he cheated with other women online. I think he even had a few flings with the locals. We do not have sex...
  3. Chelio

    Mail service

    Thanks but according to the tracking it has been sitting at the big mail processing place at the airport for the past month. They keep updating the date but no one will tell us anything
  4. Chelio

    Hi everyone I am trying to find a cheapest way to send parcel Tunisia

    Regular postal service is the cheapest i found but can take longer. I sent a cell phone 8 weeks ago and still he has not gotten it. I put in a claim with US postal to investigate. He Tunis Post says electronics and customs take long but this is a ridiculous amount of time. I sent clothes and...
  5. Chelio

    Mail service

    Help! I have sent ma y packages to Tunisia which normally take 3 week from the US. This ti.e I sent a cel phone and accessories (camera lens charging cables and case). I sent via registered mail for extra protection. It has now been 5 weeks. My tracking stopped when it left France to...
  6. Chelio

    Sending/ Transferring Money to Tunisia! xx

    I live in the usa and use Western Union to transfer money to Tunisia. It transfers immediately when using a credit card. WU is a global service so i do not see why you could not do that from UK
  7. Chelio

    Customs duty taxes

    I did send money for a phone but the one he bought was locked and not usable. We thought about sending to a friend in another country but he needed it now. I ended up sending it to him and it has been almost a month and he has not received it. My tracking stopped when it got to Tunisia. I...
  8. Chelio

    Learning to be Tunisian

    Learning to be Tunisian
  9. Chelio

    How to learn Tunisian Arabic

    Hi hibibi ( I love that) . I too am trying to learn the language. I have several Tunisian friends who throw me a word here and there. I want to be able to speak in their language. Google cannot translate that dialect of Arabic. It is different. I will be anxious to read the responses to...
  10. Chelio

    Customs duty taxes

    Hi, I have a friend in Tunisia who desperately needs a cell phone. I got a new phone for myself and would like to send him my old phone however last year, I sent him my old iPad with about 50.00 value and he was charged 150 usd in taxes or tariffs. The old phone is valued at about 150 usd...