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  1. robynnehm

    cover letter????

    Ok so it's me again ... We have everything thing we need now just awaiting my wage slip from next Friday then we can submit. The only thing that's stopping it is my cover letter... now I know im over thinking but it's driving me mad... I don't want to write a huge essay about our love but...
  2. robynnehm

    visa appointments...

    Hey lovely people.. im just having a good old natter with my man and the main area of concern is now the appointment of the visa... what actually goes down in this appointment.... he's worried they're going to call me up ask me questions.. then ask him the same questions.. as to trick him... so...
  3. robynnehm

    embassy stamp??

    My man's getting confused, poor thing... he's been told he needs to get our marriage certificate stamped and translated at the British embassy in Tunis before I can have it? I was not aware of this and thought that as long as the beladier abd ministry of affairs theb it can be translated into...
  4. robynnehm

    tls website

    Wheb applying to put details on the tls site it asks if my husband will be travelling alone or woth someone.. if I go to meet him and travel back together, do I need to add my details no. There too as an alicante? Help please thanks x
  5. robynnehm

    Bank accounts or money transfers

    So my fiancé and I are having a bit of trouble he doesn't have a bank account atm and I have money here for my sum of the wedding that we've agreed because I felt bad him and his family paying for everything when they'll also be paying for the visa... I am just wondering how can I get him some...
  6. robynnehm


    My fella has been to the translator today to see if she can translate my CONI abd she can but she said something about it needing a stamp. We can go to the embassy as we have an appointment but we can do it in gabes as she is a certified person from the embassy who is there. I'm just a bit...
  7. robynnehm


    Hey guys. Just wondering, those who have brought there partners or spouses over from tunisia... what sort of jobs have they been getting and what experience have they had. My partner had had good teaching and retail and entertainment experience.. or would he need to apply to an agency do you...
  8. robynnehm

    tunisian embassy email

    Can someone please provide me with the email address so I can email my CONI to them so I can get my partner to collect it ready for the wedding x thanks. Just a quick one please x
  9. robynnehm

    Marriage.... papers...??

    Hello Is there any one out there, without sending me to a website that I cant understand help me please? After getting no information from the citizens advice bureau i am stumpted as to what documents me and my partner need to marry and what we need to do with them. Ive looked on countless...
  10. robynnehm

    acceptable relationship time

    I'm just putting this out there for some opinions... Me and my Mr have been talking about marriage for a month or so now... His cousin got married yesterday to a beautiful German girl (about the same age as him and me and my fella) they have been together about 7 or 8 months and are married...
  11. robynnehm

    Little top up of knowledge

    So just to confirm... if the uk resident moves out to the eu for minimum three months and one day... with all life ties there... job bank maybe some family etc? The tunisian spouse can move, no visa... then they have the right to move back to the uk? The visa requirements to go back... are they...