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    Monastir Airport important iformation

    On travelling back to the UK you will be told that you cannot take any Dinar through to departures lounge and to get rid of it all which we did. Then once in the departures lounge if you have any type of emergency as we did ( 7 hour delay) and need to use the pay phones you are well and truly...
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    Please Chose Carefully

    Just back from Port El Kantaoui, and feel I have to let people know that when travelling to Tunisia Please find any reviews of the hotel you are going to book before you commit yourself. Use a large site like the holidaywatchdog site and research your chosen hotel, I know what is good for one is...
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    What is it like with mosquito,s in June, I always get eaten alive in Turkey, so do I need to stock up with mozzie repellant??.
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    Can you tell me if we will be able to view the world cup matches OK when we are in Tunisia in June/July..... will they be widely televised in the hotels?.
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    Abou Sofiane, Port el Kantaoui

    We are going to Tunisia in June for the 1st time and staying here, has anyone any information on the Hotel or Port El Kantaoui and the boat trips available?. Thanks jan:D