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  1. hannan

    Can you flush toilet paper in Tunisian toilets?

    Someone told me that you cannot flush toilet paper down the toilets in Tunisia (and other countries) because it will clog the drain, is this true?! My friend disposes of used toilet paper in the trash can, this seems unsanitary and gross to me! I'm sorry but I didn't know where to post this...
  2. hannan

    Ladies, where do you shop for clothes in Tunisia?

    Is it possible to shop for modern/fashionable clothes in Tunisia or do you shop for clothes in other countries? If you shop in Tunisia where do you like to go?
  3. hannan

    Which restaurant has the best couscous?

    Other than your mother's house, where do you go for the best couscous?
  4. hannan

    Where to find a Christmas tree?

    Hello, Can someone please tell me where I can find a x-mas tree and possibly decorations? Thanks in advance!