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  1. shona

    holiday in tunisia

    I am due to go back to Tunisia at the start of September for holiday at the marhaba palace. At the moment I'm undecided about what to do, I enjoy holidays there so much the hotels are amazing the people are so helpful and friendly it's all such a shame. I have opted to wait until the end of the...
  2. shona

    retiring in tunisia

    Are there any members that have moved from other countries and set up home in tunisia? If so, did you find purchasing accommodation straight forward?
  3. shona

    another great week in tunisia, concern over the amount of middle age uk females eith young tunisian

    Just back from another great holiday, I did however notice so many young tunisian men with middle age/or even older women, quite concerning really, what never fails to shock me is, the reaction of these females when the penny drops that they are being used for cash, what do they really think is...
  4. shona

    how many forum members currently living in tunisia?

    Hi all, just wondered how many of you guys are currently living in tunisia? If so are you ex pats? If so was it difficult to adjust to the changes? Or have you always lived there?
  5. shona

    how many have a successful marrige to a Tunisian

    Hi all, I originally came to this site for help with posting to tunisia, after a look around and reading about bezness and so on I realised there's a massive problem going on, have to say it saddened me, my limited time in tunisia has been great, as a female I have been made very welcome, I have...
  6. shona

    help with address in tunisia

    Hi everyone, :-) just wondered if any of the Tunisian members could help me, during my last holiday I went horse riding most days, ended up quite chatty with the chap that took me out each day, I told him I had a spare saddle I could give him, he's sent me a text with the address but I'm not...