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    First time travel to the UK with a visa

    Just be aware that I have read this morning .... whilst Tunis Carthage is closed for maintenance you must check in at Tunis and a coach will take you to Monastir .... seems a bit strange but that what it said !!!!??? ...i would look into that ...and good luck
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    one way flight?!

    i have booked a one way flight before with thomsons ...from the Uk and then booked travel back with Tunisair issues
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    Arguments/ fall outs!

    I cant get this out of my mind .... please do not stay with this man, its not normal behaviour for anyone ...nothing to do with race or religion ... he is an animal !
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    Arguments/ fall outs!

    Oh my goodness ! That is rape !!! how can some one who loves you do that to you ... I would be out of this relationship without hesitation ! Like you say its dangerous ....
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    good hotel in sousse

    I have stayed at the Scherezade in Sousse ... adults only and it was fabulous ... right on the beach !
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    Difficulty settling in

    no good for me then ..i have virgin so no dish ..:( thanks anyway
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    Difficulty settling in

    Kris how can we get Zapp tv .... my husband misses the Tunisian football a lot and Id love to get it for him for a christmas pressie
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    Hotels for unmarried Tunisian couples

    we stayed at the Marco Polo before we were married...
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    clothing in november

    Think of our spring ...sometimes a little chilly and sometimes bright and warm..layer up or down ...I always take summer type dresses and wear leggings and a cardigan if it's chilly ...evenings you need a jacket and jeans etc ..
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    Exit Tax

    Yes ..same flight I think ..Birmingham? .....we were there quite early though i think we were the first to check in ...i wanted to avoid the coach queues ;) ..
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    Exit Tax

    its was on the 12th October .....
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    Exit Tax

    it was at Enfidha
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    Exit Tax

    my thoughts exactly ! :rolleyes:
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    Exit Tax

    Just thought I would let you all know that I have returned from Tunisia this week... We purchased our exit stamps from the finance office before going to the airport as I didnt fancy the idea of queuing for ages at the airport. However when we got to the airport there was no sign of anywhere...
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    Safety issues?

    I came back from Tunisia this week and I didnt any encounter any problems at all. However, there was a notable increase in police during our last few days ...some one told us that it was because they had found a Libyan man with guns in his car..... There does seem to have been a big increase in...
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    Flights from Tunisia to the UK

    congratulations on getting your Visa ! ... I did the same thing when my husband came for the first time in May .. I didnt want him to have to travel alone and I also got a few extra days of sunshine ... I flew out one way from Birmingham to Enfidha and we both came back from Carthage using Tunis...
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    On a spouse visa how many months can be spent outside the UK

    Thanks very much Jellycat that has worked a treat ... and I read it the same as you... so it means I can have more holidays ... woo hoo
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    On a spouse visa how many months can be spent outside the UK

    me too Jane ... think I might just call the solicitor .....
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    On a spouse visa how many months can be spent outside the UK

    ha ha ha ... I hope I dont have to ... I need them now I have a full time husband !!! lol