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    Exit Tax

    Just thought I would let you all know that I have returned from Tunisia this week... We purchased our exit stamps from the finance office before going to the airport as I didnt fancy the idea of queuing for ages at the airport. However when we got to the airport there was no sign of anywhere...
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    On a spouse visa how many months can be spent outside the UK

    does anyone know the answer please. I thought it was 90 days per year but have just been told that its 90 for the 33months :(
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    UK Driving License

    Hi everyone ... my husband is here on a spouse visa. Does anyone know if he can apply for a provisional driving licence? ...Thanks in advance.
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    What do we do at the end of the 33 months

    This might sound like a silly question and a little premature... but I cant find the information anywhere. My husband has only been here since May and his visa is valid until jan 2017.... what happens then ? do we need to apply for a further 33 months? if so how and if not do we just apply for...
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    Apartment or Villa to Rent in Hammemet

    Does anyone know any nice places to rent in Hammemet ... 2 -4 bedrooms , near the beach at the end of September for 17 days ..... ???
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    Is five weeks to soon to get a reply

    Its been five weeks since we put in out application and my husband has a call from the embassy today to collect his passport ... they said he could go tomorrow or monday ... no specific time. Obviously hes going in the morning.... this seems quite quick and now for the first time I am panicking...
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    First time travel to the UK with a visa

    I know that this has been covered before, but things do change so quickly..... My husband has only just applied so I am probably jumping the gun a little here as well. If his application is successful I want to travel to Tunisia to get him ... can anyone give me some advice on booking flights...
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    Do we need to wait for the English Test certificate?

    Firstly I need to thank everyone for their contributions on here ... although I have only just became a member on here I have over the last months found a lot of very useful information on here in our journey to apply for my husbands visa. The great news is that we have the results of my...