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    Hi All, Can someone recommend some of the websites that is not expensive to book a hotel in July? It's astonishes me how so many of the websites ripping people off, they charge you double!WTH! You would think they would put the prices down so that the tourist can start coming back slowly...
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    Traveling around the Europe

    Hello Everyone, Can someone help on this please. My husband has an EEA Family permit, if we wanted to go to any other European country would he need to apply for a Schengen visa through that countries embassy?
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    'Settled Person'

    Hello, Can someone please explain the definition of 'Settled Person'? Do I understand correctly, if I have a Permanent UK Residence Card then I am considered 'Settled Person'? Thank you.
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    Please advice!

    Good Afternoon Everyone, As you may have noticed in my early posts I have referred to my partner as 'husband' but I have a small confession to make, I am not legally married to my tunisian fiance yet because I was very close to doing it.,so I was too excited!My marriage was supposed to happen...
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    Applying for a visa

    Good Evening All, I would like to know, when applying for a spouse visa to the UK do I need to have a reasonable amount of savings in my bank account? I am planning to take a mortgage and also use most of my savings to buy a flat.I am working,so I will have income. Thank you in advance.
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    Courier Needed from UK to Tunisia

    Hello Everyone!:) Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Urgent help needed regarding the courier.I need to send few items of clothing from London to Sousse, I never done this before. Just checked with 'Royal Mail' and it costs £90:eek: from 5kg. Can someone advice me which company to use? Kind...
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    Places to visit in Sousse?

    All my visits were during the hot season for one week so both of us were being lazy by the pool...In January I am going for two weeks,was wondering is there any beautifull places we can visit (my hubby is a rubbish tourist guide :)) And also any nice restaurant maybe with a live music where we...
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    Please Advice!

    Good Afternoon All, Me and my husband would like to prepare beforehand for applying for the visa. I have searched all the information on 'UKBA' website and there is one bit I am stuck completely, how to book an appointment online at the visa centre :confused: I sound daft but when I click on...