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    It's been awhile.

    Hi. Have you tried
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    Papers needed for marriage contract The law changed in September 2017 so a Tunisian woman can marry a non muslim man if they can find someone willing to officiate at the ceremony.
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    How can my partner stay in the uk

    He should return to Tunisia and apply for a visa to travel legally to the UK. His employer could face a fine up to £20,000 for failing to check his documents/visa status. If his employer is aware that he is an illegal immigrant the fine is unlimited and up to 5 years in jail. If he needs to...
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    From January 2014 the option to register a foreign marriage at the GRO in the UK has been withdrawn. This in no way affects the validity of the marriage if you married in accordance with local law in Tunisia.
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    Tunis voted safest city in Africa

    According to the latest ranking of the Crime Index 2017 Mid-Year, Tunis was ranked the most peaceful and safest city in Africa, with a fairly low crime index (36.11) for a relatively high security index. A study of the site Numbeo had reached the same conclusions in August 2017… On the other...
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    Chit Chat about anything..

    Really chuffed to see the forum is back
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    Travel insurance, extremely important They cover any EU citizen to any destination as long as you are not travelling against French Government advice. It does not include terrorism but offers all the usual medical cover as you are more likely to be run over by a taxi than be caught up in a...
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    Appointment advice

    You are right, the police issue B3's
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    Help with marriage papers!!!

    It is not just a certificate, you and your fiance should have your blood tests done to comply with Tunisian Law so your marriage is legal, you need to be there to do it yourself.
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    Tunisian military service ~ important that you read this!!

    He may not have asked yet, but he is still telling lies :rolleyes:
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    Tunisian military service ~ important that you read this!!

    Sorry, he is not being truthful, Military Conscription in Tunisia is one year, this is from the Ministry of Defense website The provisions of law n° 1 dating January 14, 2004 stipulate: The military service is a duty for every 20 years old Tunisian citizen suited to pass 12 months into...
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    First time travel to the UK with a visa

    I know, I was replying to Scotty who suggested a bank transfer.
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    First time travel to the UK with a visa

    You can change Dinars to Pounds at the airport and they will write it in your passport. Only change what you need, there is no specific requirement to have a certain amount. If your wife is meeting you at the airport, you will not need much cash.
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    First time travel to the UK with a visa

    Book your flight :-) Tunisia’s Tunis-Carthage International Airport will close Oct. 14-16 for maintenance work on both runways. Tunisia’s National flag carrier Tunisair reported that all its flights to and from Tunis during this time period will be rescheduled to Monastir Habib Bourguiba...
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    So confused!! Departure tax??

    19.09.2015 This is to inform that starting from 30th of August 2015, travellers non residents in Tunisia are no longer requested to pay the 30 dt fee when they leave the country...
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    Sending good wishes to Aslemma

    Get well soon Aslemma :)
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    How to approach a Tunisian man?

    That is what keeps it interesting ;)
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    Spouse visa Application - how many granted visa

    He does not need a return ticket.
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    Spouse visa Application - how many granted visa

    Yes you can, my husband had a one way ticket when he first left Tunisia.