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  1. lynsey:o)

    Sousse Palace :)

    Morning all, Apologies if this has been posted before :) Does anyone know the Sousse Palace Hotel in Sousse Centre, i have read about this in the brochure and it seems nice but wondered if anyone knows the hotel or previously stayed in it, if so could you let me know what you think of the...
  2. lynsey:o)

    Hotel Houda Golf & Beach - Shaggy

    Hi all, I stayed in this hotel last year and loved it but a girl i met there and who i have kept in touch with has started a relationship with one of the guys that was there, i know him as Shaggy and thought he was a player straight way but it wasnt proved until i told my fiancee about him...
  3. lynsey:o)

    Marhaba Salem Hotel, Sousse

    apologies if there is a link for this already, but i was wondering if anyone has stayed at the Marhaba Salem in Sousse, im thinking of staying their next year and wondered if anyone had stayed there or anyone who has and could tell me what the hotel is like, also if they allow tunisian partners...