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  1. scotty_bambam

    Tunisia to UK via France..possible?

    Hi all, Still waiting for visa.if we get it we will bring our dog. dog must fly air France to Paris cdg then by road to le shuttle at Calais.can hubby come with us.? Someone suggested shenghen visa that takes 3 weeks ,so timings would be tight/ impossible..anyone know? Thanks.
  2. scotty_bambam


    Just had my bank statement in and I'm so angry.the visa plus health surcharge plus TLS contact charge(£58) should total £1,608...... I have paid £1,698.98.. I'll break it down.. Imm surcharge £614.91 Visa plus TLS..£1,033.11 Bank fees £51.26 Never heard anyone else say this.I assumed as the...
  3. scotty_bambam do I sign declaration online for visa

    I'm trying to submit visa but says I have to sign a do I do this?
  4. scotty_bambam

    Immigration many used one?

    Hi all, Was wondering how many of you have used immigration lawyers,how much you paid,and if you think they're worth it.citizens advice charge £300 to check your other lawyers were saying £1,000 plus?
  5. scotty_bambam

    Online visa application

    Hi, In the process of doing online visa application.when I registered on visa4uk I did my email and password and did my husband's "long" name that he doesn't use.Ben . Ben..Ben..all his papers just have 2 names.not all the family names. Although I can edit the actual for.I can't change the...
  6. scotty_bambam

    Lady to help with visas on Tunis?

    Hi, Can't find the thread.somebody posted details of a lady in Tunis that will help with visa application.please can you post again..urgent..thanks
  7. scotty_bambam

    Visa application

    Hi, Can anyone help.I'm doing online visa application and its asking about my of birth.passport details...but they are both long dead..what do I put? Thanks.
  8. scotty_bambam

    Translator in kef

    Sorry to ask again but still not found a translator in husband went to the municipality and was sent somewhere where there were 3 girls that just giggled at him when he asked questions,so he left.he went back to the municipality today and they tell him there aren't any more! Aside from...
  9. scotty_bambam

    Visa papers and copies

    Can someone tell me if we need copies of absolutely everything? I mean I know everything Tunisian must be translated into English.but all the messages,phone bills photos etc. Do I need extra copies of all of those? So do I need 2 large files? I asked citizens advice and they just said embassy...
  10. scotty_bambam

    Do I have to take my husband's name?

    Hi, Will it go against my husbands visa application if I keep my own name? He seems to think it will,but I hadn't even thought about it,and hadn't read anything else about it.I thought I might at some point further down the line,but there's so much involved..passport ,tax ,bank etc..that JM...
  11. scotty_bambam

    help please..need immigration lawyer

    Hi all, My salary is about to go to £20,000 so I will be able to apply to get hubby over.I know I have to wait 6 months(wage slips) I would like to find a lawyer as I'm rubbish with forms and o/h worse.I live in reading berks and found one who wants £80 for half hr..I don't know if he'll speak...
  12. scotty_bambam

    travelling dogs to u.k

    Hi, Does anyone have experience of flying a dog from Tunisia to the u.k? Somebody kindly gave me a list of vets in the le kef area but I'm worried they won't do things right.
  13. scotty_bambam

    visa refusal

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if theyve been refused a visa due to age gap in the relationship? Thank you.
  14. scotty_bambam

    vet in le kef area

    Hi husband and I adopted a stray dog in le kef 2 years ago.she lives with his family ( as does he) and I want to bring her to UK before hubby as don't think shell get looked after if he comes first.does anyone one know of a reputable veg in the area that can do the jabs and legal...
  15. scotty_bambam

    immigration lawyer

    Please can anyone recommend a good immigration lawyer in the reading berks it important to have a lawyer you can visit in person? I'm rubbish with paperwork and all the requirements are making my head spin.married my husband in October 2014.. Thank you.
  16. scotty_bambam

    British embassy

    Hi, I'm flying to Tunis on Sunday 26 the October 2014.I only have 7 days to sort out all paperwork and get married in le kef.I will be returning home the the following Sunday.I've allocated 2 days at the embassy.I was wondering if to save time you can pre book your initial appointment.I've...