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    Flying to Tunis indirectly from the UK

    Hi. UK residents don’t need a visa to Tunisia for visit’s up to 3 months. A Landing card however has to be completed for entry into the country which are available at immigration or sometimes handed out on board your flight. They’re are no chartered direct flights available to Tunisia due to...
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    How do I cancel my Tunisian nationality.

    Hi. My husband has lived in the UK for 23 years , 15 of them a British Citizen and we traveled pre-Covid 4 times a year to Tunisia. He has always entered Tunisia with his Tunir hi. My Husband has been here for 23 years and British Citizen for 15years. Pre Covid we traveled to Tunisia 4 times a...
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    I'm a little confused, are all Tunisian guys confusing? Anybody?

    Sorry to hear your experience. Maybe try posting on Tunisia love rats.
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    Cdella you have quoted my reply back on the 13th March 2020. Tunisia is now on lock down !!! The foreign office has advised all but essential travel to the country.
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    Even if you manage to get a schedule flight you will be forced to self isolate for 14 days on arrival by the authorities.. This appears to be the case with numerous other countries too Best just keep checking updated information on the FCO web site as the situation with the COVID-19 virus is...
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    Update today: All tourists from today arriving into Tunisia have to isolate for 14 days. Holiday company TUI have had to cancel all holidays to the country up until 22nd March 2020.
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    Tunisia reported its first case last week of the covid19 Coronavirus. A Tunisian national travelling back from Italy via ferry was placed in quarantine.. Flying into Tunis you will be met by health officials wearing protective masks taking passenger temps, you will also have to complete a health...
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    I want to marry my Tunisian girlfriend in court.

    If you have the right documents and a genuine relationship they should be no reason why you shouldn’t be accepted however, running to Tunisia to get married will not make it any more simpler or guarantee a life in the UK.
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    I want to marry my Tunisian girlfriend in court.

    Marriage is not a definite visa into the UK.. Try a holiday/visitor visa first then a spouse visa.
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    Fiance visa or spouse visa?

    Of course it’s very easy to get married in Tunisia, but no guarantee that you will be granted the spouse visa !! As you have mentioned it’s not possible for you to reside in Tunisia certainly a lot of obstacles to over come if you did ? So could your relationship survive the distance ? The...
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    Fiance visa or spouse visa?

    Hi Have you thought about applying for a visitor visa first ? This would enable your BF to travel to the UK then return back to Tunisia, the process after that if all goes well is then the Fiancé visa. Rules and regulations are changing all the time regarding visas and best double check updated...
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    change license driver

    First of all you will need to apply for a UK provisional license as unfortunately, one will need to take a theory test then a practical, you may only need a few driving lessons though. The Tunisian driving license isn’t recognised in the UK.
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    Can I use my American passport to enter Tunisia?

    Tunisian national’s have to enter and leave Have you maybe tried to contact the embassy and explain your situation and intentions of visiting the country ? You would be fine leaving the states with your American passport but unfortunately entering Tunisia would be the issue and something I...
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    Driving in tunisa

    I personally haven’t seen any outlets that hire pushbikes out however, in the tourist area’s one can hire tandem fun style bikes that house 2 to 4 persons.
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    Driving in tunisa

    Yes you can hire a car either prior to arriving in Tunisia via your holiday company or a reputable car hire agent, or wait until you arrive in resort although, the summer months get extremely busy, and you could end up disappointed. Like wise lots of outlets for the hire of vespa scooters...
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    Tunisia has the highest divorce rate

    After 23years of high’s and Low’s it certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park for sure.. But hey we are still working hard at it and wouldn’t have it any other way !!
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    General discussion

    I’am not surprised the other poster has disappeared, yes please do tell us why you went to extreme length’s to fabricate an inappropriate post against another member ??
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    Why you married a tunisian man ???

    Unfortunately this has been happening for decades.. As Kris mentioned back in day we too have witnessed guys at departures in Monastir kissing and crying waving of their ladies, only to run round to arrivals to meet and greet some other ladies..
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    It's been awhile.

    That’s great Brian, such a good all round hotel. Have a fab time
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    It's been awhile.

    Try Purple Travel, Love Holidays, On the beach, Expedia, alternatively you could book your flight with the likes of Thomas Cook, and then the hotel with Trivago. Lots of updates on trip advisor Tunisia forum travel.