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    How long is English test valid for??

    hi, We had plan to apply for visa straight after wedding in April. Plans change though and now I've been flooded out of my home, I obviously can't apply until I return...who knows when. My question is, does the English test have an expiry?? My man seems to think it's 2 years but just wondered...
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    Hi, Has anyone heard anything regarding military call up?? My fella just rang, totally stressed, big talk about the military starting call up and extending length of service and when can leave country following service. We were planning to marry at beginning of April and apply for visa...
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    Documents for marriage

    Hi....I was confident I knew the documents needed for marriage in coni (translated and stamped at embassy) birth certificates for both us (mine to be translated) and then the blood tests. We went to see a man in hammamet who works for embassy but has an office in the town, he...
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    Luggage allowance

    honestly, I shouldn't be let out alone...can anyone confirm luggage allowance for Tunisair?? 23kgs for hold and 8kgs for hand luggage??does this sound right??
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    Weather in November....

    anyone been to Tunisia recently or is there now to tell me what the weather is like pleeeeeease???!!!! I'm sat, surrounded by clothes for all seasons....don't think "hot a bit and cold a bit" is a good enough description for me to plan!! I go Thursday for 10 days, thanks anyone!!xx
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    Bank statements...

    another question...sorry!! Does anyone know if the bank statements need to be full calendar months?? I ask because I fly out to get married on the 27th March so the latest I can get my last bank statement is 26th....will it matter if the statements run from 26th September to 26th March or do...
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    Appointment advice

    hi, Just wondering...I'm going to Tunisia in November, we are getting married next year and also applying for visa. We are going to apply for visa straight after wedding, so I wanted to make an appointment to speak to someone regarding everything for both visa and marriage, I've read...
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    Travel insurance

    hi, Does anyone know any companies who are insuring for travel to Tunisia please? Saw a thread a while ago but can't find it anywhere.... Thanks x
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    Please can someone give me advice on the English test

    hi, I feel really stupid but I have looked and looked on and cannot find price or any real info on English test. I know it's in Tunis but are they only on at set times of the year?? I know they need to have lessons but would love some advice please. Also has anyone found it more...
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    Has anyone had a successful visitor visa??

    Hi, Have any members had a successful visitor visa and if so how did you do it??surely it's not completely impossible...I realise that the main issue is intent to return, so how did you get round that?? Is there a higher success rate with settlement visa (I meet all of the criteria) Thanks