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    Flying to Tunis indirectly from the UK

    Does anyone have experience of flying indirectly via Paris or another European city? I am really tempted because I am finding tunisair too expensive. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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    Bringing money back to the UK

    Can I change TND into British pounds at the airport in Tunis without having the paper to prove that I exchanged it from pounds to dinar on arrival??
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    Buying property

    Can anyone recommend good estate agents websites to look for property for sale. I am looking into buying an apartment but many websites seem to be out of date? I would be greatful of any help
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    Feelings about air travel

    Hi there. I am due to fly with Tunisair on January 1st to London. I am feeling really nervous. Has anyone heard about security at Tunis Carthage airport? Has it been improved? Last time I thought it looked a bit lack lustre if you know what I mean. Security on phones etc. I would appreciate...