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  1. Kris

    Topping up income with savings - Tunisia to UK 2.5 year Visa

    The first bit wont cut it as thats not actually right now, akin to saying when i get to the UK I will x/y/z. You parents money will be their money unless they give you x years worth of money in your account up front. I would professionally check this as I was told 60,000£+ in account for at...
  2. Kris


    At one time this site was quite popular. We would be top of google for many searches etc etc and have well over 60,000 visitors a month. But if you go back 10 years the tourism was a bit better and you also had a community of UK citizens living in Tunisia. This last bit is very important as...
  3. Kris

    Moving back to Tunisia

    I lived in Tunisia for 3-4 Years In the old days of this site before the revolution and ad blockers it was 25% website and 75% money from selling my business at the time. I was on 3-4000 dinars a month nearly 10 years ago and once the kids (I have 3 ) started to get to school age and to to the...
  4. Kris

    Moving back to Tunisia

  5. Kris

    Moving back to Tunisia

    I was living in Tunisia and my kids where school age and I considered what was best for them. When I factored in a private school in Tunis (so they speak english and can work back home if required) and the precarious nature of the Tunisian economy I decided to come back. I can get a job any...
  6. Kris


    Good luck with this. Someone correct me if I am wrong. FCR is the right to bring a car in as a Tunisian abroad after a certain period. RS is the designation on the numberplate where that is used upon.... and thus when done can only be sold to another person in that situation. Back in the day...
  7. Kris

    Topping up income with savings - Tunisia to UK 2.5 year Visa

    I always assumed it was 3x years money like 60,000 and it could not be gifted or if it was it had to be in there for 6 months at least. This would then bes classed as "independent means"but maybe the rules have changed. Sounds like its going to be a struggle. With the minimum wage £8.21 per...
  8. Kris

    I want to marry my Tunisian girlfriend in court.

    Exactly married 13 years now
  9. Kris

    American woman trying to marry Tunisian man

    See other thread. You fiancee should ask the registry office where you are going to get married. I had the embassy paper... but then they told me they did not want that and wanted a certificate of no impediment from my home city and also less than 7 days old! So the moral is go by the list...
  10. Kris

    American marrying in Tunisia

    First thing call the registry office where you want to get married and ask them what they need. I foud out the hard way that the right papers can sometimes not be enough when you have a stubborn registrar who likes it their way.
  11. Kris


    such a complicated scenario. Speak to your local Tunisian embassy and you other half speak to his embassy in Tunisia. You talking about two different countries with a marriage in a third one. Lots of homework as this is a very rare scenario
  12. Kris

    Fiance visa or spouse visa?

    When my son was diagnosed my wife (Tunisian) was devastated as she had no knowledge of ASD at all zero and jumped right to outright brain damaged/crazy etc in her reaction. Now with effort my son is a little weird socially but I would say 95% functioning goes to normal school. But he loves...
  13. Kris

    Fiance visa or spouse visa?

    I agree with the visitors visa first, I did that for my wife and various in laws before we got married. That should not be an issue if..... He has a good job in Tunisia with a contract and savings or.. Has a decent education or is a student in further education The age difference is not 5/10...
  14. Kris

    I fallen hard for a Tunisian man but it is still early day what do I do is he Genuine or is he using me

    I dont do that for a living I work in hotel in the UK :-) Ramzi is a court certified translator and not an employee of mine just someone I know and has done this type of work for me. is his facebook with contract details on etc.
  15. Kris

    Is it worth trying?

    I have had loads of visitors come see me from Tunisia. However they have always had a job/study/business or children in Tunisia. For young unattached men the lure of 40 dinars per hour + is too much. Just look on any property website in Tunisia the only way to buy a house is either be rich or...
  16. Kris

    I fallen hard for a Tunisian man but it is still early day what do I do is he Genuine or is he using me

    I answered on the other thread. You cannot trust any young guy. Well maybe an ugly young guy working nights in a oil rig surrounded by men 24/7
  17. Kris

    information required

    You need to send someone to court to get it. I you ave a contact there happy days if not Ramzi might be able to do it but he would charge as its his job.
  18. Kris

    What is "normal" for a relationship with a Tunisian man?

    Maybe he is the one... But statistically it's not likely. Unfortunately intensity could mean either scenario. Is there a big age gap? He may very much like you if your are close to his age etc etc however it may not be about the money now as there is bezness short game (cash/presents), and...
  19. Kris

    Is it worth trying?

    Its not that dead ;-) - He works but it’s freelance, it’s a good job but will the HO see it as proper employment? Basically he will have both his boss and his customers waiting to return. How can that be proved is he a company? Does he have accounts/office etc etc. Same as UK if you where...
  20. Kris

    Bez Man Exposed- Zxxxx Gxxxxx

    Sorry, I do not know this man so his name and photos are going to be deleted. Maybe he is a bad person but my forum is not the place to name and shame and defame people. There are place better suited to this purpose. If you post more like this they will be removed. I have deleted the images...