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  1. feefad

    Tunisia to turkey

    I'd presume the same as truley. When we recently sent some money to my FIL via moneygram (2nd time using and never again) his name was on "a list" and he had to prove that it was not him but someone with the same name before they would release the funds. I'm guessing it was a similar list and...
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    Sending good wishes to Aslemma

    Wishing Aslemma a speedy recovery x
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    Thanks guys. As you can imagine been hectic few weeks and not been on but Essem had let me know about the well wishes and I appreciated them. We're blessed to have another smashing wee girl in our lives x
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    holiday in tunisia

    Hope all goes well Aslemma and wishing you a speedy recovery x
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    holiday in tunisia

    The tour operators will likely be thinking of their finances and the hassle of refunding/changing bookings if they start them up too early. Also if they redeploy the reps and flights for the remainder of the season again it'll be a hassle for them to reinstate. Too many administrative costs for...
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    Future for visa applications?

    If background checks are carried out as part of the process then there should be no extra reason to worry, I'd imagine each application is still gonna be looked at on it's own merit.
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    holiday in tunisia

    Would fly them if we had to, connecting via different terminals at heathrow is a bit of a pain, especially when you've no idea how late your flight is gonna be, hate being late for anything and tunisair are typically Tunisian ;)
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    Word Association Game

  9. feefad

    Word Association Game

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    holiday in tunisia

    I forgot about that as initially when it came out it said he had no links to anything and then the story changed. That plus the constant battling in the mountains / borders, I don't think we can blame anyone for wanting to avoid. I'm actually thankful that I'm not in the predicament of choosing...
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    holiday in tunisia

    It's the fear of the unknown and so totally understandable. They didn't predict that the beach would be attacked and it's that while thing that it could happen anywhere that's causing the fear. Just need the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. Granted that wrong place could be...
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    holiday in tunisia

    Friend at work had to change rather than refund. She's ended up paying more for half board as tunisian all inclusive was such good prices.
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    EEA visa.. EU free movement- The Journey home on a free visa

    Just nosiness but does this mean northern irish citizens can just apply for an Irish passport rather than having to move across the border? Know people that only hold a british passport but moved south for a few months to get them here.
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Visa granted!

    Just takes a couple of rumours on social media for things to become gospel and people to then hear about it and if his dad is anything like my FIL then he'll be worried enough about his son leaving so just needs to hear something from anyone to stress a little more. Might be worth giving a...
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    help please..need immigration lawyer

    It does indeed go up every April. When my hubby came we were lucky as our applications fell in March.
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    Getting Tunisians to UK - The Visa Thread

    Is it a visit or to stay? For just a visit for my in laws we filled out all of the application at this end and then got them to print it to submit with the relevant paperwork. Pretty hardwork though as they are not at all computer literate and step by step instructions on things was still painful.
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    Renewing Tunisian passport

    We did it on a trip to Tunisia and they just stamp the pages of the old one (except the one with the visa) to show it's annulled and you travel with both. Passport control in uk will stamp the new passport and put a note that visa in other passport. I hate 5 year passports as his is up again in...
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    Food in Hand Luggage

    Years ago when we used to do self catering hols in Spain the butcher used to vacuum pack meat for my mum, helps it keep longer and she'd just stick it in the case until we got there.