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    Person who can translate

    Hello, is there anyone who would like to give me some of their time and help me translate a small conversation? Its really important for me. I can post the text here or we can talk somewhere else as im new here and i dont know much about this site. Please let me know if someone can help me!
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    Need help translating a phrase please

    I received a message but unsure what it says or how to reply back I need help translating Hawka I insta mte3ou kn najamt trakhou hhh thank you for any help
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    If anyone has time to translate

    I'm trying to be sweet and write to my friend of over 10 years. But I want it to be in Tunisian, his native language because I know it will mean so much more Thank you if anyone has time to translate this for me. I am very appreciative. "You make me a better person, not just in fitness but...