visa information

  1. M

    information on partner living in France

    Hello I am with a Tunisian we been together for nealy 2 years in July he is living in France at the moment his visa have expired I am a British citizen we known each other for about 7 years but only started to date past 2 years I have seen him few times we want to get married and want to apply...
  2. Latanya


    Can anyone tell me how to get a B3 clean?
  3. Amr

    Tier 2 General Visa

    Hello everyone, I am a Tunisian man, an IT consultant and I have been an overseas employee of a british company in Tunis, for a couple of years .. Our company in the uk has offered me a job to relocate me there under Tier 2 ICT visa with my dependents . I was there recently for a 3 weeks to...
  4. ali el abed

    Spouse visa application

    Hi everyone , I'm new in this forum , me and my wife we've been thinking about applying for a UK Settlement visa so we can be a proper family , we've been together for more then 3 years now and been married for more then 1 year , we have no idea about what we need to do or what papers we need to...
  5. HannahElizabeth

    Meeting visa criteria

    Hello all! It's so lovely to find somewhere with actual information and true experiences! I hope everyone is well and safe! I have one burning question.... Does anyone know if because I live in a council house with my mother this will hinder mine and my fiancés application for settlement in the...