9th Anniversary on T.com


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Hi Kris hope that you and your family are all in good health! Wow how time passes by, it's been 2 years tomorrow the 14th of November that i have been part of T.COM and just like to say that i have enjoyed being here so much..Just wondering out of curiosity when does my cheque come through the post ;)wow i have 4,114 posts do you think that i go on abit:D Must admit my favourite thread has to be LISTEN TO MY MUSIC that was originally opened by Sana...animatedgif1.gif Thankyou for having me here...


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awww congratttss :D


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Great Stuff

You are a big part of our life on T.com, a "fountain of knowledge" Thank You.


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Roulla, thank you for being with us.......you are a source of valuable information.


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Good morning Marhaba, hope that you are in good health! Thankyou i really do appreciate that..x
your welcome. you dont need to thank me :D


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congrats roulla, u r full of info and a very useful member of the forum! thankssss :) :)


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congrats how time flies


Roulla we love you so so much hun

P.S have you got a phone number or address on Mr President?


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congratulations roulla !!!!! :) your favourite is my favourite as well :) but you know that already :) xx


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congratulations Roulla, i enjoy reading your posts! :D


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cograts belli mou xxxxxxxxxx

bobby g

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Congratulations Roulla on all your posts, for me always worth reading.:)

Also Happy 2nd anniversary Tunisia.com, hope there are many more to follow:)


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Happy T Day!! xx


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Hi Everyone hope that you are in good health! Thankyou all so much for the replies i really do appreciate them all...

Nela the address is just simply

Presidential palace
Carthage Tunis

Don't know how you all put up with me :D x x


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Presisent Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Presidential palace
Tunis....Hope that this helps you nela..


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Hi Everyone, Hope that you are all well! I can't believe how time flys, I've just noticed that I've been coming to this website for 9 years:). I have to say that I've read some good and bad things on here but they were all an eye opener. I've meet a few wondering people from here, in Tunisia and the Uk.
I have to say that the mods have been really supportive here, especially Essem and Truly. Thank you Kris for creating this wonderful site, if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have known half of the thing's I know. There have also been some amazing members, some have left and some still pop in now and again. I've seen people struggle to bring their partners here,some with bad experiences and others who have had children and are happy. I wish everyone a happy life and hope that all your plans and dreams come true.
If you have anything to add then feel free. I just wanted to say thank you to all you wonderful people, Aslemma has to be one of the most amazing members, with so much knowledge and interesting posts.
Thank you to all you lovely people. :)


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Over 5 years here too, and yes some wonderful friends and a wealth of information, long may it last!