a new museum in siliana


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Inauguration of Kesra’s traditional Museum

The Kesra’s traditional museum was inaugurated on May 18, 2009 by Mr. Abderraouf El Basti, Minister of Culture and heritage preservation , in the presence of the region’ executives , responsible of the National Heritage Institute, representatives of the Tourism ministry and many journalists.

This event coincides with the closure of the patrimony month (April 18-May 18) and the celebration of the international museum Day under the theme of "Museums and Tourismâ€.

Mr.Habib ben Younes , director of INP museography division, claimed that this new museum has a special beauty since it is Located at the top of the hill , in the middle of the Berber village and surrounded by stone houses.

After long work , this presidential project has finally been realized over an area of 436 m2 , with a terrace of 135 m2 , offering an unobstructed view guaranteed on kesra’s fortress along with its plateau which is famous by its marble rocks.

this project reached an amount of 650 thousand TD and it aims essentially at emphasizing the region traditions’ and its rich history .

In addition, about 176 articles were exposed in the museum as well as ancient , artistic and technical items that reveal the region’s culinary know-how and allow us to discover its modeled pottery and its traditional kitchen utensils that experienced a succession of Punic, Byzantine and Roman civilizations .

Kesra is a city situated in Siliana governorate which is is a modern farming town in northern Tunisia . It is located at around 130 km south-west of the capital Tunis . :)


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Hi Sana thats very interesting for all of us here to know, thankyou..x


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Thanks Sana maybe i will visit i am going to stay with my family and husband in Siliana end of june x