A2B transfers from Tunis return


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my resort hoppa tunisia car hire transfer - had to wait ages for them getting everyone together then went sailing past my hotel up to sousse had to shout at driver and tell him lol then was due to be picked up at 7am and didnt get there till 7.45 (could have had brekalso when i phoned to comfirm return journey on the thursday for the sunday was told to call back on saturday morning even though it stated for sunday transfers you must phone on the friday or before so phoned friday not saturday morning, also emergency number listed didnt exist when i tried phoning after mini panic when so late, so to sum up not very efficient


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A2B have been using new agents in Tunisia for the last 7 weeks. Emira Travel.

If you are not staying in the hotel where you are being dropped off at/picked up from, try to write this on the booking somewhere and also tell them when you call to confirm homeward section.

What has sometimes been happening is, for example, if you choose to be dropped off/picked up at a particular hotel but are not staying there, very often the ground agents (eg Emira) will call the hotel and ask how many people are waiting for collection. If you are not booked in and happen to be outside waiting (which is the norm), hotel will advise agent that they have no passengers waiting for pick up and therefore, passengers are often left.

Also double check pick up times - eg 17.50 when it was actually 17.15 - lost in translation :rolleyes:

Emira seem to have a good back up system so always keep their emergency number with you and call them if they are more than 10 minutes later than they said they would be. They are emphasizing customer care and attention and will send a private car to transfer you if you've missed the coach due to their mix up/error.


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I'm using A2B again in May so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. I've sometimes had a problem contacting them regarding the pick up for the return journey and last year they were very late picking me up as there was some confusion between them and the airline regarding the time of the flight, but I've never had a major problem.