b1level from 13th of octobre??


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hi any idea what is the easiest exam to do to meet b1 level in listening and speaking??cos pet exam applicant must do listening and speaking and writing,reading???so how much score you need just to meet b1level in listening and speaking?

Sorry.....I am a bit lost here.....why are you asking for "easiest" exam? You just have to do, what you need to do to meet the requirements?:confused: ....easy or otherwise? If you want ILR....there is /will be a requirement....all who wanted this have done this before! All I can suggest, read up and find more info....we have all done it? There is so much info available.....apart from the knowledgeable on this site! :) Hope this helps


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I agree with u Kassie if we want to get something we need to work hard for this , if you want to get your IRL in the uk you must do all your best and being ready to any kind of questions !

Jane BM

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And level B1 is not unachievable by any stretch of the imagination....just a bit of studying is required...