Bardo Museum


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the Bardo, located in the suburb of Tunis, is in itself , an architectural landmark. originally a 13th c Hafside palace, it has been restored throughout the centuries to become this superb example of Arab-Moslem 17th and 18th c architecture and decoration with its vaulted ceilings , galleries and cupolas.
like all meuseums , the Bardo museum shows the history and culture heritage of tunisia and pushes u to learn more about Tunisia's history and visit other historical ,sites in Tunisia.


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ahh the bardo museum is really very interesting, i love all the roman mosiacs and the jewlerry

they also had a grave stone with my surname on which was freaky and sent my dad off in a tracing our family tree tandem which is still going on LOL


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Yes I do like the Bardo museum too. Gravestone with your family name? Hm, interesting!


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yes true , it's very interesting , there u can see tunisia's history through its different eras . :)

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i really liked the building itself and it was very interesting for me the part of that greek ship with a whole villa on it!!!!!!!!!!


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Does anyone have a photo of the reconstructed hermaion? Please?


RevdKathy: You mean like this? Doesn't look very re-constructed to me...

I'll be there tomorrow or the day after, probably, with visitors, so I can look out for the re-constructed version...


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Yes, that's the only picture I can find of it. I assume that it was a pile of carefully selected rocks and stones. But I can't tell from that pic how big it is, whether there's any pattern in the choice and placement of angular and round stones, or whether there's anything else in there.

Do come back with a description, please! I am fascinated with ancient spirituality, and this monument is reputed to be the oldest 'religious building' in the world. I'd love to understand what motivated people to build it!


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I was at the Bardo Museum bout 10 days ago, and it was mostly closed for renovations. Does anyone know when the work will be finished and it will be fully open? I really want to see the Gapsan exhibits. :)


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The next Exhibition in the Bardo Museum will be as follows..

Antiquities of Tunisia
March 5–17, 2010
Explore Tunisia's rich Roman, Muslim, and French heritage. Our program begins in the seaside capital of Tunis, where a highlight will be the Bardo Museum, with its renowned collection of Roman mosaics. Visit the ancient ruins of Carthage, then journey through the scenic Mediterranean countryside to the Roman site at Dougga. Discover the holy city of Kairouan, the ancient port of Sousse, and El Jem. Relax in the Oasis city of Tozeur and spend a memorable night a luxurious tented camp.