Becoming pregnant by a Tunisian while you are still married to another Tunisian!


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So, my question is: How can this issue be solved?

The woman has been legally divorced from her ex husband in her home country for many years (he used to live there but he moved back to Tunisia many years ago) BUT she is NOT yet divorced it Tunisia. She is about 3 months pregnant. But the baby`s father is also a Tunisian. She met the father of the baby in her home country. He has a Tunisian citizenship and a European citizenship. How can they as a couple continue in a safe way? (Without any legal issues in Tunisia. Travel, visit family etc.) She is trying to divorce her husband in Tunisia as soon as possible, but there is a law in Tunisia when it comes to adultery. A baby is proof of this. It was conceived before she is able to divorce him. It is illegal in Tunisia. (But again; she is not a Tunisian, but the baby of the father is. They could both get into legal problems. Especially him!) I know this was a complicated issue but I hope it can be resolved.

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Simple way of putting it is.

Check if still married in Tunisia

If the answer is yes then obviously its a problem under Tunisian law.

Then get divorced

Wait the appropriate period.... and then either be remarried or not.

You always need to check as if its bee many years maybe he got divorced in Tunisia anyhow... you dont always get to know if you live outside Tunisia.