Can anyone help please?


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Looking at visa for Spain for my tunisian fiance (will be after we are married).

All the visa requirement pages mention he must have a residence permit? :/
I dont understand as if he had UK residence we would be living in the UK!

I thought the whole point was that EU spouses would get a visa issued easily and for free...

But everything I read is asking for proof off flights/bank statements/travel insurance Etc.

Do i just ignore all this and we just need passports and marriage certificate and to fill in only certain parts off application form?
Or do we have to provide all the extra info?

Are some countries easier to get visa, than others?

Why cant it just be easy :( Its stressing me out!!


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I think you as the EU Citizen must have been living and working in Spain for at least 3 months before you can apply for a visa for your husband to join you in Spain. Will you be doing that? Also you would be applying for residence for a family member of an EU citizen. So have a look at that, the criteria is different. This is my understanding.
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If you are married and he's here in the UK under a spouse visa and you wanted to take a trip to Spain, then he would need to apply for a Schengan visa.


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Im just looking for when we are married.
he will be in tunisia, me in uk and then hopefully move to spain or another eu country..
however every eu spouse visa list i look at asks for passport and uk visa.
do they mean for me or him?

As the whole point of free movement is that we can go totogether and live in another eu coubtry as he cant come to uk.

I have emailed visa helpline but they were no help.

Im so confused


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Under the EU free right of movement law he can go with you and the visa would cost nothing, You would need to apply for a schengen visa at the spainish embassy in tunis. you will have to submit your marriage cert original and a translated copy, His birth certificate and a translated copy, And an itinerary of what you will be doing there where you will be staying and showing a return flight. It can take up to 5 weeks to be issued but is usually sooner. There is no visa FEE :)

Good luck


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Marhaba- everything i look at states about this UK visa and also proof of enough money etc?

I thought the whole point was as an EU spouse he dididnt need all that.
every single EU country seems to ask for the same things and things we cant provide /:


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Also, why does he need a return flight?

Am i mistaken in thinking he can stay there with me for a long time?