Can we get married in Tunisia within a week?


I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice that has been in a similar situation to me or knows a bit more about how things work. I am taking my family out to Tunisia to meet my fiance and all of his family for a week at the end of May/start of June. After booking everything, and after the sudden death of my mum at the end of last year, we decided we don't really want to keep waiting and this would be a good opportunity for us to get married with both our families present, as getting his family over here for a wedding would be quite the task.
I gave notice at my register office and get my CONI in a couple of weeks, but now someone has told my fiance that when she got married she had to wait 2 weeks for the embassy to issue her with the Tunisian copy. Granted this was 10 years ago, but now I'm worried that we won't be able to get married in the week that we had planned. There was no mention of waiting times on the embassy website and nobody mentioned it to my fiance when he called up the municipality in Hammamet. We arrive on the Monday, I was planning on going to Tunis either in the afternoon or early on the Tuesday for the embassy appointment, and then getting married on the Friday or Saturday. From experience, is this at all possible? There's a chance I can fly out a few days earlier if I need to give the paperwork a week, but I can't really extend this visit longer than that.
Just really bummed now that there's a chance we might not be able to get married and I feel a bit stupid for not checking all of this but I've literally not seen it mentioned anywhere online so just assumed you went to the embassy and got it back the same day as your appointment.
Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.


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I am sorry that i cannot be more helpful but for one big bit of advice.

When i got married I have to reschedule the whole thing because I did as you did with the embassy CONI etc.... exactly the right thing to do.

However the registry office in Bizerte ignored the protocol and decided that they wanted a translated CONI from Norwich less than 2 weeks old.

So I had to reschedule go back and get a new cert and then immediately get it to Tunisia and translated and then we got married.

So my advice to you is to find out where your contract is going to be and discuss this with the registrar that is the man/woman who will give you the contract.

Ask them what they want so they have bought into the process.


I have just received this reply from the Embassy, might be helpful to anyone else in the same situation in the future...

As I have already given our notice in the UK, as long as I can get everything else done in Tunisia in a couple of days, I think we'll be alright to get married within the week that we're there.

Thank you for your enquiry of 30/03/2019.

You are likely to be asked to produce the following documents in advance of your wedding day; and they must be in French or Arabic, translated where necessary.


For British citizens this is issued by the Consular Section of this Embassy. To apply for this you need to:

- Be 18 years of age or have the written consent of your father (or other person whose consent is required by the law);

- Have resided at least 3 clear days in Tunisia (produce your British Passport);

- Show evidence that any previous marriage of either party has terminated (spouse’s death certificate or divorce decree); then

- Give notice of your intended marriage, by calling in person at the Consular Section and signing appropriate forms.

The consular officer taking this notice will post it on the public notice board for a further 7 clear days. If no objection is raised during the publication of the notice, the certificate of no-impediment, in French, can be issued. You are not legally obliged to remain in Tunisia for the 7 day period the bans are displayed for, however, should a challenge be raised you may need to return to address it.


Alternatively you can give notice of marriage at a registry office in the UK where you are a resident. Following this process you will receive A UK Certificate of Non Impediment, this will need to be presented before the Consular officer of this embassy and a certificate of no-impediment in French will then be issued for use in Tunisia.

You may also be required to produce the following for the Tunisian Authorities:

Can be translated into French or Arabic by a local translator, where required. It should be a ‘full’ extract, not the shortened form, which omits parents’ details etc, and should be of a recent issue.

Must be recent and issued by a Tunisian medical practitioner. It involves a blood test (testing for transmissible diseases).

If you are under 20. The marriage officer at the Town Hall where the ceremony is to take place can tell you what form this consent should take.

5. CERTIFICATE OF DIVORCE DECREE OR DEATH OF PREVIOUS SPOUSE, if applicable, you may be asked to produce this. It can be translated into French or Arabic by a local translator. NOTE

Consular Fees are set by Order in Council and are subject to revision by Parliament from time to time. They cannot be reduced or waived by Consular Officers.

Under the Consular Fees Order 2012, the Consular fees levied for different services in the above procedure are as follows (payable in dinars):

For receiving notice of an intended marriage £50.00
For issuing a certificate of no-impediment £50.00