Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris

I was wondering if anyone has experience with CDG in Paris? I am flying out on Wednesday from the US and I will have about 4 hours in CDG before I make my connection to Tunis. I saw on the airport guide of CDG that they do have public showers available. Has anyone ever used these? I would LOVE to be able to be showered and fresh after nearly 15 hours of traveling at that point. Any thoughts?


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check out below site, there you can find info about getting a shower at CDG.
But pls bear in mind that it is a huge airport and that it takes time changing terminal, and if you arrive at the "wrong time" the que for the security can take a very long time.


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Hi, I have no idea about showers but hope you find the info that you need in the threads above. My experience is as in the last message, it can be very crowded at times and there will be no cutting in line just because you are about to miss your flight (I found half-way through a very, very long line though a desk for those who had already missed their flights)... Have a great trip!

Grace 111

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I haven't traveled to this airport before. But is well know to be one of the worst to travel in. I don't know if the showers are available there. I have heard it is the worst airport to go through. Do you think this is true?


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Hi Grace

How are you - it's been a while since you've been on. Hope you and yours are all well.

I've only flown in to and out of CDG not used it for onward travel so my journeys have been very straightforward. I don't know about the showers there.