Cheap calls to Tunisian mobiles????



cheap calls

im really not impressed i have just come back to the uk for a few weeks and so being apart from the my boyfriend iv obviously been calling him. well just had my phone bill. £120. so not happy. when i was on t-mobile best minutes cost 10p per minute and it was only 10p per minute. but now i have used my mobile on o2 and its so much more expensive because of the surcharge on it. i do wish they stated which companies do charge and which ones dont.

sorry about the moaning just its so expensive. so if anyone got any alternative cheaper ways on o2 then can you let me no. :confused:
Get tesco mobile it is cheap


Hi everyone,

Maybe someone can help, i want to ring the UK to speak with my parents, but it is so expensive, i know in the UK we can purchase international calling cards, does anyone know of any cheaper ways to ring the UK from Tunisia, maybe Kris can help.

def go to internet cafe if u dont have internet where u are and yes if parents have computer or andrid phone skype or another one for free calls u both need to download viper on ur phones,hope it helps


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I do wonder if some people simply don't read earlier answers to their queries. As far as I'm aware Tesco Mobile still charge 25p for calls to Tunisian mobiles and using your landline via an access code is 13p a minute with Ratebuster. :rolleyes:


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If you both have android phones then use Viber on data plans. Much cheaper.


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Hi Everyone, hope that you are all well and looking forward to the weekend!
What is the number that you text when you want to place some credit on someones Tunisiana number with your Tunisiana card, I forgot for the life of me.;)


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Hi Roulla,

Not sure about Tunisiana but Orange is *116*then the phone number*amount*pin no #
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Roulla it's 120 for Tunisiana



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Use Viber.... It's free calls that uses wifi/3G xx


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RE: Calling UK from Tunisia


It doesn't work when I try to call a Tunisian number!

I know it's the right number because they called me when I was in Tunisia but now I'm back in the UK I tried to call it and it says it is an incorrect number!

Has anyone else had this problem?

Could it be my network? (virgin mobile)

salaam :) if this nmbr is in your phone, did u check you dial the prefix 00216 in front of nmbr or txt?? only asking u to check cuz i did the same mistake once, and nearly lost it with frustration ;)