Childern depending on the sponsor !!!!!


When calculating the income requirement child dependents have to be taken into account. As the sponsor, I have 3 children under 18 and having read appendix 2 of the visa application it looks as if my income needs to exceed £27,000.
However, in the box outlining the children to be included in the calculation it states that children with UK nationality, who are not subject to immigration control, do not need to be included in the calculation.
Please can you clarify.
It seems to contradict itself.


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From what i understand (and may be wrong) but the children depending on is ones that you are applying a visa for. So your UK dependents are not taken into account - having said that THEY are your responsibility financially and part of your income will be WTC, CTC and CHB. So, my understanding is that its THEIR entitlement, and however yes it makes up your income, its what you have that shows your support for the spouse.

Why dont they write these Appendix in simple jargon :D.... JANE.... ;)


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UK children are not accounted for.

The children are ones which come to the UK ie in this case Tunisian children.