Children with a Tunisian


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Apparently it was changed to all women not just Tunisian women.
Hi Gem, Hope that you and your family are all well! You know what the laws like Gem, they bring in a new law and before you know it, its has been changed. .its about time WE had a voice in Tunisia. .:)I'm so happy for those that struggled and I've struggled once year's ago when my husband was working in the UK.... I shouted and screamed at the airport, in mu broken arabic off course:eek:I reckon I was heard in the whole of Africa ;)


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For the time being it might be as well for those able to do so to take the authorisation letter from the children's father but not produce it unless absolutely necessary (say they have mislaid it, then miraculously 'find' it in the bottom of their bag). This will be a good way of testing whether (1) the law has actually changed and (2) if so, whether the officials working at the airport actually know this.


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An update on leaving Tunisia with your children. Permission from the father is no longer needed on exit. I have left Tunis Carthage airport 3 times since the change with my son and not had any problems.