Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!


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Have a really nice time and lots of fun in Tunisia!!!!! :D:D:D:D


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im off 2day too:D
Hope the weather brightens up for the UK folks....the sun seems 2 be coming out now and hopefully it will stay that way!


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See you there ;-)


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Sian & Fola...

I hope you both have safe trips and enjoy your time in Tunisia.

I sooooo wish i was there, i have a long wait as im saving for the wedding :-(


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Hope y'all have a great time :D

Weather is hot and sunny - around 30-34 degrees in Tunis. Probably a bit warmer further south.
Forecast for the rest of the week is good.

Enjoy ! :cool:


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hi which is the easy n cheapest way to go from tunis airport to sousse any help thanks its on the 5th augs. thanks


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get a laouarge from the louarge station in sousse and by a ticket at the ticket booths (not from individulas)

this is a shared taxi - its the cheapest way and very easy and safe to use


it depends on the time if it will be day or night if it s after 10:20 it will be so hard to find some thing you have no options the only way is getting a kind of privit car who drive between towns and believe is not safe to go in one of them that time bcs of some drunk ppl who will be in the same car if you can have a deal to get the all car for you it will be better.

And the safier way to go is to get a touristic car from the airport who is really expencive like 180 dinars.

If is in the day i recommend that you use train it s the most safe and sheep in tunisia.

I hope that is helpfull


I use A2B Transfers The are not as cheap as medhotels but they take you directly to where you are staying, which if it is an appartment saves taxi costs. We have been taken to the airport in a 4x4, a really swish Peugeut and also in a normal small tourist bus. It costs £17.50 (roughly) for two people one way but I find it is well worth it.


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Have a great time i will be going week Sunday for 2 weeks cant wait.


I'm going on sunday too with my sister and our kids, stayin at tour khalef. We are so excited! yippeeeee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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Last year I took medhotels several times (8 euro singel way) to Riad Palms, but I didn´t stay at the hotel due to my privat appartment nearby in the area. The drivers has always been on time and meet me in the arrival at the airport with the sign "Medhotels" in front of them.

I have also booked arrival from Monastir to Sousse/Riad Palms and with the return to Tunis/Carthage, and by email medhotels asked if this was correct, I confirmed it was and got no further questions about it.

Medhotels use local companies and it hasn´t been a problem on the arrival if you would like to stop between the hotels that Med has.


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maybe med hotels and A2B should be in the recommendations? unless they already are LOL I am still nosing around the forum!


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thanks every one

i found a better cheaper flight 2 aug to monastir so very happy with that will be getting picked up there instead cant


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Hi everyone,
I haven't used the forum for a while though just wanted to say i'm going to tunisia today for 2 weeks. :)
Also i know some others are going today and this week so i wish that everyone has a nice time, and that the weather stays sunny! lol :)


Hi Sianperkins hope that you are in good health! Hope that you have a fantastic time in Tunisia, can you please bring back abit of sun please..:D


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hi, ive been here one day now... not so hot; about 25 max today i think. thats in el kef anyway, i guess other towns have seen more sun :)


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Hi Sian hope that you are having a good time....


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hi roulla yes thanks i am :)

hope everyone is well :)