Dating a Tunisian man


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I met my Tunisian partner on holiday 2 months ago. He worked as a waiter at the hotel I was staying at and on the second night as I was walking to a table he introduced himself. He was acting like a gentleman by taking myself and my family to a table and linking my arm. My family seemed to like him. Throughout my meal he would make an effort with my family as well and there was some flirty eye contact as well. We didn’t see each other for a few days because he was celebrating a family wedding. On my second last day we finally met again and he explained where he’d gone and even showed some photos of his time. On my final night we explained that we were leaving the next day and he seemed visibly upset. After that we arranged to go for a coffee near the hotel after his shift finished. Everything went lovely and then the next day before I got my bus to take me to the airport we saw each other again. When I got back to England we stopped talking to each other and within the past 2 months we have briefly talked and he explained that he needed money as asked me for it and I said no. For the past few days we’ve spoke again and have even planned on living together in Tunisia.He tells me he loves me and that he’s missing me. He also says that he can’t wait for me to meet his mother. I’m willing to give up so much for him (he’s 8 years older than me).Am I being stupid or is this genuine?