Decree absolute from Tunisia required to remarry. Please help

Sue ajmi

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I was divorced from my Tunisian husband almost 20 years ago. I now wish to remarry in Ireland. I am a British citizen. In order to remarry I need a decree absolute from the court of Souisse as my ex husbands birth cert detailing the divorce is not accepted here. I desperately need help to obtain a legal document. Can you help please?


From my understanding, If you're registered divorced in the UK then you can remarry. If it is Southern Ireland(Ireland) I don't know.
You need to get your divorce papers from Tunisia as your husband birth certificate is no good here or even in Tunisia. To get the divorce papers in Tunisia I guess you have to get them from the municipality(registry office/town hall) or the court in Tunisia.

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Forgot to say. You can get them from the town hall where you got married if they still exist. They should hopefully have a record.


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So i take it your divorce was in Tunisia presumably due to your husband divorcing you in absentia (ie divorce without you being there).

I take it your divorce is not registered in the UK either.

It should be a case of instructing a translator like Ramzi

He or another can go to the reg office and get a copy and sent it to you along with a court certified translation.