Detailed Programme for month of Ramadan 2014 at Tahar Haddad Cultural Club


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The Tahar Haddad Cultural Club located in the Medina of Tunis, organizes a varied program between concerts, exhibitions, meetings and films between 4th and 24th July 2014.

- Exhibition of Tunisian handicraft products of 4 to 24 July 2014

- Musical learning experience for children during the month of Ramadan. The course will be devoted to the Piano.

The sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 2pm under the direction of Professor Achref Bettibi

- Photo exhibition "Islamic Monuments", July 4 to 13

- Exposure documentary "The mosques of Djerba" the American professor Stanley Ira Hallet.

- Friday, July 4 at 10pm

Opening of the photo exhibition "Islamic monuments" in partnership with the Union of Tunisian artists photographers

- Saturday, July 5 at 10pm (5dt500)

Tunisian Music: "The First Love" musical by amel Chabbi and Khawla Tawes.

- Sunday, July 6 at 10pm

"Azzouz Chennaoui ... we miss you" Tribute to the Tunisian artist Azzouz Chennaoui died July 5, 2013.

- Tuesday, July 8 at 10pm

"The last word" by Ons Bounouh.

- Wednesday, July 9 at 10pm (5dt500)

Stambali evening by the Sidi Abdeslam troupe led by Belahssan Mihoub.

- Thursday, July 10 at 10pm

"Give a book, take another" Mohamed Massoudi

- Friday, July 11 at 10pm (5dt500)

Oriental Melodies by the "Hope" group with singer Jamila Haggui

- Saturday, July 12 at 10pm (5dt500)

Concert Music: World Music - Fusion Mohamed Benslama

- Sunday, July 13 at 10pm

"... Arabic Poetry Spanish Poetry" with poets Salah Souissi, Ridha Mami and Houda Daghari.

- Tuesday, July 15 at 10pm

Opening of the exhibition "Mosques of Djerba" U.S. Professor Stanley Ira Hallet

- Wednesday, July 16 at 10pm

Meeting about the works of Professor Stanley Ira Hallet

- Mosques of Djerba

- Evolution of Habitat: Berber people of southern Tunisia

- Thursday, July 17 at 10pm

World Cinema: Evening in honor of the Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni Projection discussion of the film "Divorce Italian Style"

- Friday, July 18 at 10pm

World Cinema: Evening in honor of the actor Nino Manfredi Projection discussion of the film "Bread and Chocolate"

- Saturday, July 19 at 10pm

Amateur Cinema: Night of amateur filmmakers Club Tahar Haddad

- Sunday, July 20 at 10pm (5dt500)

Evening Eco-Lamma Association: Exhibition, Gnawa Music and slam poetry.

- Tuesday, July 22 at 10pm (5dt500)

Show "Dar Art" bythe "Doulacha" Group a cultural event that affects all aspects of art

Address: 20 Rue du tribunal Medina Tunis, Tunis 1006