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Set during the chaos following Tunisia’s 2011 Jasmine Revolution, Die Welt is a documentary/fiction hybrid. Director Alex Pistra’s intent seems to be a retelling of how his Tunisian father met his Dutch mother, and he uses his family members in observational episodes that are woven into his plot among poignant home movies and stolen street scenes.

But don’t get hung up on that. Abdallah (Abdelhamid Naouara) is introduced with a long, funny harangue at the video store where he works. Don’t get Transformers 2, he insists to a customer, “It’s humiliating. It makes fun of Arabs.” Instead, like an Arab Tarantino, he recommends Towelhead or Syriana. Die Welt ’s title refers to the developed Europe that is, in theory, only a boat ride away.

But should Abdallah leave just when his country is on the verge of positive change? He and his buddies smoke dope in all-night bullshit sessions, posters of Bob Marley and Bruce Lee on the walls and no chicks in sight. His job pays a about $150 a month—two days’ wages in Europe, according to a friend.

His sassy younger sister (no headscarf, no way!) says “Everyone in Tunisia is on Facebook.” “Everyone in Tunisia is unemployed,” retorts glum Abdallah.

Meeting two vacationing Dutch women, he invites them to a family wedding, goes to a disco with them, and dreams of a life in Holland—fridge full of Coca-Cola, cool skies, a Dutch wife.

Die Welt is a crisp, vivid portrait of discontent among a modern young generation still gripped by the past.


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What is the URL for Die Welt (German newspaper website) in English?


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Hahaha, there's always some wedding to get invited to!

Love how hospitable they are, imagine if we had a bunch of strangers just turning up to our western weddings haha! Bridezilla would definitely show up!