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Hi Everyone!
I'm back in Tunisia for a week and yesterday got confirmation of my divorce! Went to Town Hall in Sousse. Didn't get copy of ex's birth certificate (I think his next wife was probably on it by look on lady's face, who was helping me) But she did confirm he had divorced me and gave me the date of divorce and reference number. Very helpful & I'm happy with that.
According to the UK Embassy in Tunisia and also the General Register Office in UK, overseas marriages are not registered in UK and therefore if you want to remarry in the future all you need is no impediment to marriage.
Hope this information helps others.
I have truly learned a lesson.
Please be aware ladies, when the Tunisian waiter, lifeguard, animation guy, receptionist etc looks adoringly at you, he sees a walking ATM ha ha!
Joking aside, these guys are not out to harm us but out to make money - we can't blame - it's survival I guess! Love and happiness to all xx
Good Spirit Good Luck....