Hello I’m looking for some information I got married in 2016 in Tunisia my Husband is Algerian and I want to get a divorce he is refusing to give it to me i am British we have a 2 years old together and I haven’t seen him in 2 years in may and just want to divorce him ASAP as I have tried to do it here in the uk and they have told me I need to be separated from him for 2 year or 5 years is there any other way that I can get a divorce from him as I just want to move on in my life and can’t we’ll I’m still married to him I have met someone who I have been dating for 1 year every time I ask him to divorce me in Algeria he refusing to so just need some information on this thanks


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You can try to divorce him in Tunisia but you will still need a Tunisian lawyer and a court part.

Give Ramzi an email or contact him on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tunisiantranslator/

Its going to cost money... not Uk money but some money as you would be doing like Tunisian men do when they wish to divorce their UK wives when their wives are in the UK.

The court will send out a notice and if its not replied to .... then carry out the divorce.

Only a Tunisian lawyer would be able to state if its possible with Tunisian contract and non of the parties resident in Tunisia.
ok thanks as he is saying no to it I just want it over with and seems easier to do it in Tunisia I will have to contact one off my friends that living there thanks for your help