Do we need to wait for the English Test certificate?


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Hi Mrs Zayani...I can only go on what others have said, as at the time my husband took the IELTS test, which was slightly more difficult. From what I can gather A1 is perfectly achievable perhaps with a little you'll have to give him'm sure it'll be fine though.

You're right to take one thing at a time though, meanwhile there are plenty of threads on here giving you helpful tips on how to present the paperwork to the embassy....just be methodical about it. Best of luck.
Goodness I'm confused now.ket's .pets.IELTS..I don't understand the difference.the British council website is only offering IELTS but there are 4 of them.can you tell me the one he needs to do.just tried to register for July but its only offering June but hubby won't be ready then.

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It is now IELTS level A1, if you go onto the a UKVI website it gives you a list of the approved tests.


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It is so confusing! I have been reading this thread for help as we are applying to do the english test.
We are using the British Council website & the test is life skills A1, 450dinars.
(We think)I have just emailed them to ask if they will allow him to pay using my bank details as he does not yet have a bank account over there.
Not one website gives clear, easy, step by step guidance...i feel like writing one myself after all this is over!!


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No offence intended to anyone on here but I find it shocking at how many adult men that have married do not have bank accounts? How do they get paid? All I see is the wife paying for all the online visas, tests, everything. What are your husbands going to work as when they leave Tunisia?