Driver hire from Tunis-jendouba


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Hi :) (post about needing driver hire) am travelling to Tunisia as soon as I can (once lockdowns ease up) I’m from London, my fiancé lives in jendouba, I was there last in September where we stayed in Hammamet, we have been together for over 5 years now but since all this coronavirus problem his got very stressed and not talking to me and even blocked me (yes we are having some problems mostly due to the fact he struggles with our distance) anyway, so I am surprising him by coming there but the problem I’m worried about is that I have never travelled in Tunisia or abroad at all on my own, and speak only English, so I am looking for a driver (ideally that I can message from uk and pre book e.g.) that can help me, hopefully would only involve meeting me at Tunisia carthridge airport and driving me to his home in jendouba. I would rather have it all sorted and pre booked rather then come to Tunisia and just hop in a taxi (last time I came to Tunisia my phone did not work so I would have no means of contact once there unless I can get that problem sorted) thank you :)


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Don’t waste your time the blocking and childish games carry on when they get here. They meet Tunisians and leave you alone in the house x


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I have to agree with guy above , im Tunisian and im telling you to move on , Tunisians are the worst breed when it comes to relationships, and it's bad for business and it's ruining our image us professionals in many sectors such as tourism. Again move on find a man elsewhere i reccomend Indians or Pakistanis they're quite the loyal puppies.