El Kef museum


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Museum of popular art and traditions in EL Kef was created in 1974 in the mausoleum of Sidi Ali Ben Aissa , built in the xviiith century , this regional museum , in the centre town , presents collections of costumes , jewels , potteries , old objects reffering to everyday town and wandering life , with a room reserved for the horse and the rider .:)
this museum is worth visiting , if u have visited it before , tell me about your experiences , did u like it?;)


Kef is my husbands town so it has become a home from home to me, we have built a house in Kef which I will for the first time be able to stay in when we go in April.
Kef is a wonderful place and I would recomend anyone to visit (despite the long journey) it is still steeped in tradition and history and it really captures the 'real' Tunisia.


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A prestigious legacy was enthroned
to the Arts and folk Museum in EL Kef

The “Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires†of EL Kef ( it is a city in northwestern Tunisia ) has just been integrated into the circuit of regional tourism, which has attracted more and more visitors eager to learn the authentic cultural heritage of this region.

During 2008, the museum has attracted nearly 9 thousand visitors, which gives it a prestigious place in the rich ecological and cultural heritage of El Kef.

Indeed, the museum offers a rich and prestigious legacy illustrating the diversity of the cultural heritage of North West Tunisia . It was a vast complex which was originally the headquarters of a large brotherhood, that of “Rahmania†before being converted into a museum in 1979. Built at the heart of the “Sidi Cheikh Ali Ben Aissaâ€place , this monument is a Shrine of the regional collective memory which reveals the amazing testimonies of cultural history and traditions of the Northwest Area. :)