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Hello, I am new to the forum, but I have found some of your information very useful so thank you! My tunisian husband and I have been together for 3 years and we married in MAy this year. Three weeks a go he had his appointment at the embassy to submit our spouse visa application and documents. I have since tried to track the staus of it and today I recieved this email from UK visa's and I am not sure how to interpret it, is it bad news or positive that it has not been rejected straight off.
The email reads;
a decision on your application has been delayed whilst further enquiries are being conducted. Your visa application centre or the entry clearance officer will contact you once a decision has been made or, if necessary, during the consideration of your application.
Any opinions would be appreciated, I am finding this such a stressful thing to go through.


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It takes ages

They are stating exactly what it says on the tin so as long as you all have the right information and you meet the requirements they just need time to check everything as they should do.

Make sure you keep your phones on


hiya could you please tell me how you applied for the application as the embassy told me in august that they do not take anything to do with this. could you tell me what documents you needed and if you met the income of £18,600 many thanks


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I just supplied everything the forms asked for. There is a thread called getting Tunisians to the UK where I put everything down.

Yes I own my own home and earn over 18,600.

If there is not a massive age difference, you earn the money and have a place to live you should be ok they want to know your other half is not going to be a burden right away on the state and your relationship is logical.