Emergency numbers/Airports/hospitals and other..

Jane BM

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hi lovesarrow, will your parents need the number above, lol?
when do yo go?
bet you are excited.
stop putting ideas into the poor girls head!!!!;)


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Lol Lainie they're 34 years too late for that! ;)

I'm very excited now - my flight is this Sunday :D


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have a great time!
if you need anything or any help before you go just ask.
did you book hotel after all?
btw its very cold there still.


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Good morning Everyone hope that you are all well !
I am not too sure but think that this postcode website may come in handy if you are looking for postcodes abroad.


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I'm not too sure if these are still up to date but they may be useful to some people.
We would all appreciate it if you see a wrong number to place the correct number
Thank you