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Another recommendation to eat..good prices nice staff & excellent food. Place called Miami..it's next to the Miami shopping centre next to Le Terrace cafe opp Soviva hotel in Kantaoui.. I spent a whole week eating there & surprised i didnt come back 10 stone heavier..I recommend the steak with mushroom sauce it's lush.. Give it a go I'm sure you wont be disappointed x

Hot Harissa

El Ons in Sousse is indeed a great restaurant with good food and nice staff, I go there many times every year, and have never been disappointed. Other great restaurants nearby is Una Storia with Italian specialtys, and Bonaparte .


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hey kittykat mmmmmmmm i forgot about miami they do great burgers also but yes great steak in mushroom sauce.

right i need lunch now im starving thinking about food,,,,


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the best place i ever ate is a traditional tunisian restuarant in the heart of the medina in sousse, not sure what its called and it's down these tiny windy streets. my man always takes me there. i'll ask him what it;s called. great for fish and spicy rice and lovely couscous. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

sarah w

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hi guys if you want a great burger, planet food in sousse is great ,it is full of local people so prices are dirt cheap ,they do have other things on the menu if you don;t fancy burger . it is abit of a spin off of planet hollywood with pictures of celebs all over the walls it has got a great atmosphere but be warned can get really busy x


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gr8 post this, give every1 different ideas, already text my fella told him we are trying some of these on here wen i go in july....


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oh forgot 2 add.....

agree about the miami, lovely food but not tryed the steak so thats a must....


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I love planet something in Sousse. Very good but busy


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planet food?

someone else has mentioned that on here, will have 2 give that one a try aswell....gezzzz im goin 2b eating out all the time.

Least gives my fella a braek from cooking, i offer 2do some but he wont hear of it. i think thats the same with most of the tunisian men.


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Hi there, Le Golfe Restaurant in downtown Sousse is worth trying. It's well hidden though. If you know the Abou Nawas Bou Jaafar Hotel on the main shopping street, it is situated between there and the cafe, called Le Sirene, on the corner. You will see the Tunisiana offices on the second floor, Le Golfe is one floor above, on the top floor. Food and service were faultless when I was there and the views of the beach are gorgeous. It has an outside terrace and inside they have cabaret + dinner. I haven't seen the cabaret yet. Well worth a visit and not expensive.


Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.


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If you are going to Port El Kantaoui then i recommend going to Sultana..very friendly staff-who are not pushy to get you to eat there. Food is gorgeous & reasonably priced :)
Had a lovely meal at the Sultana last week. The only problem was that the local cat jumped up and scratched me while I was eating,as I wouldn't give it food. I have a problem with cats in restaurants.


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I love the restaurant in Hammam Sousse, Le Grand Maghreb.. it's a really small and local place, but it's incredibly cheap and the food is excellent! :)


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i like new fly in port el kantaoui. its done up like an aeroplane and the fillet steak is great for around 14 dinars. go there every time.


Cite Irrhiadh

Top end of the shopping street is a really good cafe we go to with our friend, it is pretty well the only sit down place on that road.
Chorba, bread, salads, chicken, fish, cous cous and chips for 3 people around 25 TD.
Then for plain but nice food Farmers across from the casino in Sousse, Steaks good, sharing chicken platter lovely, had my last birthday there, staff were great. Costs still good compared to UK.
Around the corner and up the road on other side is a nice "fast" food restaurant, Decor is yellow and blue. Chicken sandwich is lovely.
The juice bar down town on side road not far from Sousse Palace is great, All juices are good and the Libbonaise square nice.
Juice counter in Medina by wedding shops also good, patteriserie stuff and savoury pasties lovely.


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la caleche sousse-6 rue de Remada
may be a little slow but the food is good.


I like the one between Sousse and Hammamet...you just stop by the road, get out of the car...look in the window and choose a piece of meat....quite expensive but God that meat, bread and a full fat coca cola in the botle are delicious!!!

P.s Do not use the toilets unless you have are a male!!


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P.s Do not use the toilets unless you have are a male!!
good info nela ! im gonna go there tonight then !:D


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in tunis i am not sure of the name or location, it is on the way to the steep hill of blue doors to a coffee on top a mini moutain. it is just a little sandwhich or shawarma shop but boy is it yummy. 6 years later and i still think of it.
on the way out of el jem there is a town that sells bar be que. yummmmm
in sousse a place by the port k, it is air planed themed and yum yum..