funny visa story


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nothing to do with tunisia, but thought I'd share a funny story ...

I used to be very involved in a charity in zambia. I was chair of the uk committee here in wales. at the time, the welsh assembly was doing work with a small number of charities in zambia, and ours was one of them. after a time, the welsh assembly wanted some representatives to come to speak to the assembly about the work being done. So, the welsh assembly invited a few people to come to wales for a couple of weeks. all costs were being paid by the assembly, and the assembly put together all the info for the visitor visas. Bet you've guessed!

The Welsh Assembly (part of the overall government of the uk) wanted visitor visas, which were refused by the british embassy (part of the overall government of the uk)! Honestly, you couldn't make it up!

They did eventually get the visas, although a lot of money was lost due to cancelled flights, accommodation etc as it was by then too late for the planned trip. But the visas were only granted after the AM leader had a discussion with the home secretary! Happy ending was that the assembly were able to rearrange the trip for later that year.


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Not funny so much as utterly ridiculous. Why on earth can't the British Embassy get their act together so things like this don't happen and money be wasted which could be better spent on charity work. :banghead:

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I'd love to know their reasons for refusal first time round....'intent to return' perhaps!! Lol..

As Aslemma says, doesn't give you much confidence does it in our system when basically the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!! :rolleyes:

And yes, what a complete waste of money!!