Future for visa applications?


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Since the situation in Tunisia has become rather unstable & the future relationship between them and the UK government unknown, my thoughts (selfishly I know) turned to my current situation.
We planned to Marry in January, however after the latest announcements, there will be no-one from my side of family/friends attending the wedding, so my fiancé and i started to discuss a smaller celebration, which due to lower costs, we could bring forward to September...my two concerns are; Do the embassy view small private weddings as "fake", as i have heard before? Also what are the feelings on future visa applications for him to join me here after we marry? Will they even consider these applications anymore?
Any advice greatly appreciated as always, and sending my love to anyone & everyone affected by what has happened xx


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I am pretty much wondering the same thing re visa application :/


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Me too x


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If background checks are carried out as part of the process then there should be no extra reason to worry, I'd imagine each application is still gonna be looked at on it's own merit.

Jane BM

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The current situation over there will have no bearing whatsoever on the visa application, as long as you fulfil the criteria.....whether you have a big or a small marriage makes no difference, as long as you can prove and show them that you have a genuine and subsisting relationship


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I agree Jane, I first married in Morocco with a very small wedding, this bore no relevance to the subsequent successful visa application, and they can't cast all Tunisians in the same light as a few


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Thankyou- i do hope you're right xx Good luck to the others in same situation! X


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Hubby heard he's passed English test today,and we'll be submitting visa october.my flight in October already cancelled.i need to get the papers to him and collect our dog.I'm wondering the same.will the decisions take longer or be refused more easily,i pray not.