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@Flip Flop, now I don't want to be rude but that's not the way to talk to a man who just found out that he might not be able to get any children. And about the mop, his wife is on PIP, ESA and severe disability something else (like Aladin posted) but is is right that he should clean the house? Think about it. He is not used to manual work. He is a teacher! In Tunisia a proper wife would still wash his socks in her deadbed.
You are right, Chrissie, I do feel somewhat ashamed of myself.

It is most shocking to hear that a big man is abused to the point of being forced to do housework like a woman.

I am very sorry, Aladin, if I made you feel anything less than manly <3

I will pray for your fertility.

Flip Flop

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Yeah sure I see that she is a flip flop
That's me. A one dinar flip flop, with pom poms attached.

I'm very disappointed that you have such a bad temper, Aladin. From your first posts, you seemed like one of societies gems, but underneath your shiny exterior is much anger.

I know you are stressed, but you should not get so angry with those that help you and pray for you.

You must try to beat this anger issue before you enter a court room to protect yourself from deportation, else you will be back in Tunisia, deemed as a failure in society for not sending the £'s home to your family.


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Please lets not let this thread deteriorate.


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Of course Aladin did!

Dear Entry CLearance Officer :

I am xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx, passport number *** currently living in gafsa Tunisia, husband of xxxx xxxx xxxxx passport number **** currently living in xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx

I first met my wife xxxx through a facebook group in september 2017 when she had some problems and i was helping her to overcome it then we start talking privately through messages and video calling which made our relationship progressed,on 10/01/2018 my wife visited me and we stayed in my family home which made our relationship more developed and following her return to UK on 29/01/2018 we remained in contact via skype, messenger video, whatsApp. I attach screenshots for your attention. We got married on her second visit to Tunisia on 02/04/2018 then we spent our honeymoon in island of djerba 26/04/2018 she returned to UK . I attach for you our wedding ceremony and reception, honeymoon photos and marriage certificate issued by Tunisian Civil Authority.
On the 19/06/2018 My wife came back to visit me for month a time as usual we spend it between my family's house and my sister's house and a house that we rent.
16/10/2018 My wife visit me again for 3 weeks w spend it visiting places and with my family .

My wife has bipolar illness which is under control with her medication, but she lives alone in her house with only her pets for company,there's no one else support her or visits her and that worries me so i want to be with her to support her both emotionally physically and financially once I enter the UK. Hence , it is our intention to live together as husband and wife permanently in UK and build our life together as I am an English teacher and we have made plans for me to work and support her as a husband should do so she doesn't have to rely completely on public funds (I attach for you a GP letter showing her care needs).

This is my letter to you; sir / madam, I hope that you see in our application what it means to us, this is the first step for a future of a husband and wife living separately waiting to start our life together looking forward to start building our future .Thank you for considering this application. If there is any other information you need in order to make your decision please contact either my wife xxxxxxx (on xxxxxxxx) or myself, xxxxxxxx on (+216 xxxxx)

I take it this is a fabricated letter ?

Please tell me why you have posted this.


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I take it this is a fabricated letter ?

Please tell me why you have posted this.
Where are you, DinDin? What happened? You made your fb private. Is this the way you treat friends?
I’am not surprised the other poster has disappeared, yes please do tell us why you went to extreme length’s to fabricate an inappropriate post against another member ??


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I'm actually a bit hurt by your assumption that I fabricated the letter. It's not the only forum Aladin posted on. They took it with a grain of salt

Re: Enquiry about spouse visa
Originally Posted by Aladin888 [IMG]
Thank you so much for your advice, I am worried that I will lost my status here (visa) then they send me home .

Are you more concerned about your wife or your visa status?

" It looks to me like you married a severally troubled woman so you could get a visa to live in the UK.

He is actually trying to help you. Its not clear what your real concern is. Are you worried about your wife's medical issues? Or are you worried about your visa? Are you considering leaving your wife?

Thread of the year contender?

So to be blunt you have followed the original poster and found some information on another forum and posted it on here.

I presume to catch x person out.

Well it looks like Aladdin has been driven off for good or for bad.

I am not in a position to go on other forms and validate authenticity or if indeed this is the same person (as clear cut it appears on first look).

As the letter is from another website it is either the posted (on that sites content) and or the content of that forum.

I respect why you have posted it but now Aladdin has gone I am going to remove this thread as a third party has already requested its removal.


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Dear Kris, I'm sure that if you got a pm from a member, stating that he wants to fu ck you, you'd have wanted to find out more about him too ;-) The letters are written by Aladin888, that's for sure. He sent me his email address with his real name and the picture that he had in his avatar was a big help in finding the little rat. You are the boss here and please do what you think is right :)

Was that pm on here?


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Yes, 2 pm, please read them

I cannot and as a matter of privacy refuse enable the form to let me to do so.

If you can pm me a copy I will take it from there.

To be honest I thought I had removed PM functionality from this forum after the upgrade. Such a pain in the bum.